Going home day

We all got a good amount of sleep last night, what with Ms. Olive spending most of it in the nursery, per a number of people’s suggestion.  She fed right on schedule and the heavy milk sent her into a beautiful slumber each time.

We’ve seen both of the doctors, Susan’s and Olivia’s, this morning and they’ve both given us the okay to head home.  We’ll see the pediatrician again for a 2 week visit, thanks to the fact that Susan’s milk has come on strong, plus Olivia’s jaundice levels are on the drop.  Everyone has been mesmorized by her little beauty and have been impressed with her ability to nurse so well.

Our little Olive came out of the womb and was practicing her root reflex almost immediately.  She was searching while she was under the warmer in the first nursery, so once she got ahold of her mother, she has done great.  After a little practice, she’s even learned just how wide her mouth has to be to get the latch the first time.  Susan has barely had to break a latch over the last 24 hours.

Its going to be strange, not haunting the hospital halls at the wee hours of the morning.  On more than one of our trips around the ward, I’ve contemplated just how much effort it would take create a track around our house! 😉  Olivia is quite found of rolling around in her bassinet, as we travel through the halls.  It seems to be a decent cure for the gassy times in her life.

I’ve carried one bag out the car already, and we’re going to wait for Susie’s lunch to come through before heading home.  I’m going to turn off the laptop now, ending our marathon blogging session for now.  Hopefully we’ll find the time to post updates, but after seeing several of the other bloggers’ lights grow dim in the first week, I wouldn’t be surprised if our posting rate slides.


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