We’ve not been taking a huge number of pictures, but I think that may be because we’ve seen all of this stuff over and over again. The other thing is that so many moments are very private, keeping us from sharing them with everyone. We have, however, managed to get a few great ones.

The wide eyed photo is just after a feeding, where mom was working on getting a burp. She opened her eyes wide and managed to focus in my direction. It was around the same time that she gave Susan and I some fantastic moments – looking directly at us with a purpose. With me, she heard my voice and looked right into my eyes. Its amazing… growth every single day!

The red and white jumper was a git from one my coworkers and, in fact, we got her portrait made in that particular outfit! From the portrait studio, we got a few wallets, a few mid-sized photos and one 8×10 that will end up on our wall.

We’ll be headed home tomorrow in the early afternoon, so I’d imagine we’ll have plenty more photo opportunities popping up, so keep watching the Flickr collection.

As a final note – please include Lesha’s father in your prayers. He’s headed in for surgery on an aneurysm behind his eyes on Thursday.


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