Mother’s milk

Susan has successfully “dropped her milk” and is providing plenty of it to Olivia’s crying mouth.  Ms. Olivia, in turn, has decided to significantly up her feeding schedule, but has yet to produce the number of bowel movements we expect.  Additionally, the extra feedings seem to be producing a fair amount of gas in her tiny tummy and she does not like that feeling.  Yesterday we witness to one huge tantrum, and today has given us one or two of them.

Of course with all the extra feeding, Susan hasn’t really had an opportunity to get any sleep.  I suppose its a good thing we decided to stick around for that extra night in the hospital.

Oh yeah – we’re not leaving the hospital until tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.  This decision was mostly made around the idea that Olive’s jaundice could be monitoring more easily while here in the hospital and any treatment required would be easily administered.  As it stands, her levels have remained basically equal from last night at 5p and this morning at 5a.  She’ll get stuck again in about 30 minutes for another check.  She was a 13.5 on Thursday morning, a 15.3 on Thursday night, and then a 15.2 on Friday morning.  With her age, the pediatrician is okay with her current levels, especially since Susan’s milk has come in.

We had to change rooms this morning because of a little problem with the shower.  Susan was napping while Olivia was still away in the nursery.  While I noticed that the shower wasn’t draining quickly, I never considered the idea that it would overflow.  Once I finished and stepped out, I realized there was a small lake in the bathroom.  Upon opening the door, I found that lake extended into the room and to all the way under Susan’s bed!

Facilities was quick to come in and repair the problem – and no, it wasn’t clogged with my long flowing hair – but we went ahead and moved just the same.  The problem was from the recent renovations on the floor, when the shower was resealed, wax had covered 80% of the drain underneath the metal cover!  The facilities guy was very displeased with that discovery…

We got to see Sam, our nurse from the first two days, again today.  She isn’t covering our room, but is working the nursery today.  She stopped in to visit and check-in with us, which was a delight.  She and Susan discussed the fact that Sam does PRN work, something Susan is very strongly considering after Olivia is a few months old.  (PRN would allow Susan to set her own schedule, and because of a lack of benefits, the pay is a bit better.)  We also gave Sam a gift of chocolates, which she was quite appreciative of!  I’d asked Susan on Wednesday what a nurse could need and her first response was “time off,” but a close second was food, so we decided to show our deep appreciation via her stomach.

All the staff her at the hospital has been fantastic.  While its been a parade of workers coming through, they’ve all been extremely polite and wearing smiles, no matter the time of day.  You can tell that these people absolutely love working with babies and really care about their patients.  I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.

We’ve got a few pictures to post and I’ll handle that in a little while.  As it stands, I need to collect Olive from her mother’s chest and move her toward the nursery for her heel stick.  We expect to see a few more visitors tonight… which is a lovely thing, having adult interaction! 🙂


2 responses to “Mother’s milk

  • Craigge

    I love the Christmas outfit and she looks like she’s smiling! Can’t wait for the Christmas tree!!! Love

  • Richell

    Hi. I already got my pictures and have them in a book. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Will see you the day after Christmas. Love you guys. Love to Susan…kisses to Olivia. Hugs to Ian.

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