Fat head

Susan’s OB/GYN came by this morning to check up on her, so we had a brief conversation with her.  Of course, she’d she a doctor from the practice yesterday, but having the actual doctor in the room was a little different.  She asked how Olivia was doing and reassured us that things sounded as if they were right on target.

As she checked Susan’s incision, she clarified the statement she’d made in the OR about the baby not being able to make it out by any method other than c-section.  Apparently, the doctor had to struggle a bit to get Ms. Olivia’s head out of the incision, an incision that was basically the largest this doctor had ever made.  She guesses that the diameter of the incision would have been around 13cm, meaning her head would be about that same size.

The canal she was aiming for?  It maxes out at 10cm.

In other doctor news, the pediatrician came by and visited as well.  She said that she’d lost some weight, as expected, but was still doing just fine.  She, too, noticed the slight yellow tint coming into her skin, so she’s ordered some tests to determine her level of jaundice.  Of course this was also nothing to worry about, per both doctors, as it is pretty common with babies, especially the heavier ones.  On top of that, our family history pretty much guaranteed it – we and our siblings were all jaundiced!

We finally got a solid answer on when we’re leaving – when we decide to!  Of course the insurance only pays for 4 nights, but we could leave as early as today, which we won’t be.  Its still a toss up as to whether or not we’ll go home on Friday or Saturday.  We’re going to let Olivia’s tests and a discussion with the pediatrician be the deciding factors.  Its nice knowing the nursery is a short walk away…

Susan’s postpartum nurse noticed that her milk may be in the process of coming in, so that’s a big positive.  Its not fully expected until the 3rd or 4th day, and as the doctor pointed out, Olive will only be 48 hours old at noon today.  I think that neither of us felt it had been such a short period of time.

Olivia stayed with us through the night, leaving around 5:30a after a decent length feeding.  She was due back by 6a for the doctor’s visit and her bath, so we figured we’d take that 30 minutes to jump-start our sleep.  We’re both cat-napping and feeling pretty decent right now.  We’ve got an appointment in the portrait studio at 11a, Susan’s going to slip in a shower between now and then, in addition to dropping into the lactation shop for a fitting.

Right now I’m getting impatient, waiting for the nursery to bring my little girl back to us.  Its not that they are late or ignoring our request – they brought her at quarter after 9 yesterday – I’m just excited about seeing her!

Oh!  We ordered our birth announcements / Christmas cards last night.  We’re not going to show anybody, though, so it’ll be a surprise for everyone.  It, as you can imagine, isn’t going to be a glamor photo, but we think it does the job nicely.


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