Big eater…

After an inadvertently long stay in the nursery, Olivia returned with a thirst for milk.  She left us around 8:30p and we went to sleep expecting her to return by 10p or so.  When the nurse tech came in for her midnight rounds, we realized we had no baby!  We called the nursery and she was with us soon thereafter.

When she got to the room she was awake and giving off early hunger signs, so we got her latched on.  She ate for 30 minutes, feel asleep and we figured she was done.  Nope – she went back on for another 15.  Done?  Nope.  10 more.  Now we think she’s done, since she disengaged herself on this one.

We got one more dirty diaper out, and it was pretty small.  Maybe the meconium is just about finished.

We’re headed back to sleep now, hopefully with her sleeping in the room with us.  Maybe we’ll go another 5 hours for the next feeding?


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