One night down, 6579 to go!

Our first night wasn’t technically our first night with her because around 11:30p we decided she needed to spend the night in the nursery so we could have a chance to rest.  Basically we couldn’t get her quite warm enough to be comfortable, so she needed to be held to sleep.

The nursery staff brought her in for a feeding at 1:30a, and that went well.  They brought her back again at 6a, but at this point she was too sleepy to even think about rooting, much less feeding.

Susan is waking up to a new symphony of pain, what with the epidural and morphine finally wearing off, but she’s surviving.  She’s still a bit swollen, but not terrible.  She’s been able to walk back and forth the bathroom a couple of times, so that’s going well.

The pediatrician visited Olivia and stopped by to tell us that she was doing perfectly.  She’ll be by each morning and we’ll likely see her once we leave, either on Saturday or Monday for a feeding check up.  A doctor from the OB office came by to see Susan and they had a short chat.  She feels like Susan is recovering well and they discussed pain medications.  The anesthesiologist came by in between the two and checked on the pain in Susan’s shoulders.  He said it was likely due to the medical gas used during the c-section.

We imagine there will be a steady stream of visitors today and tomorrow, so we’re excited to show off Olivia.  Speaking of Olivia, I need to go get her!


2 responses to “One night down, 6579 to go!

  • Andy

    Wonderful news, glad everyone is well and you were able to get some rest. We loved having the nursery their the first 2 nights so we could get some rest.

  • Tiffany

    Congrats you guys! How incredibly exciting! I hope you both get some good rest sometime soon and get all settled into your new lives. 😀

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