Happy campers!

Things are progressing nicely here – Susan has gone for a nice walk around the OB ward and returned with plenty of energy remaining. She also made the crucial step of passing gas, indicating that all is well post-op and she can graduate to solid foods. Amusing how excited one can be about a fart, isn’t it?

As for Ms. Olivia, she is doing quite well. When the family left, we unwrapped her from her swaddle thinking she’d like to feed, but she didn’t care to. Instead, she got some quality fetal position, skin to skin time with her mom, napping quite contentedly. Our wonderful nurse Sam dropped in and we started discussing with her our concerns – she looked a bit yellow (indicating jaundice), she hadn’t wet or dirtied a diaper in hours, and she wasn’t interested in eating after a 3 hour break.

Just to prove us as nervous parents, I took a turn holding Olive at which point she gave two giant burps and dropped a pant load of poo. After a diaper change, she dove right into eating for the next 30 minutes. Oh well – proves we need to be patient.

Speaking diapers, I’ve gotten to change all of them (excluding the ones during nursery time) since Susan has been somewhat confined. This includes the very first diaper – a full load of the tar-like meconium. For the uninitiated, this is the stuff she’ll push out for the next few days and if she didn’t, she’d move toward being jaundiced. This first diaper had nasty from front to back – right under the belly button to the small of her back, from side to side. Lucky for me, our nurse Sam popped in just after I popped open the diaper. I burned through 3 little wipes before Sam clued me in on the wash clothes – then three of those got covered, but the baby was clean as a whistle. I got a pat on the back for handling it all so throughly and not being unnecessarily careful or shy about it.

She got a little tour of the OB ward when Susan did her afternoon walk – which went very well. Olivia proved to us a second time that she’s a “take a ride, take a nap,” kind of kid, as she quickly drifted off to sleep. From that experience she slept for the next 5 hours!

We got to visit with Susan’s co-workers and then with her family again before she was really ready to eat again. We tried 3 hours into the nap, but she’d have none of that. It wasn’t until the second try that she’d go for it. It was also a treat for the family to see all of Olive, instead of a swaddled version thereof. She gave them a nice sized tantrum (I was warm and comfortable, thank you!) when I pulled the blankets off. They got to see the big ham-hock legs kick and stretch.

The nursery has called and is looking to bring her in for a daily check-up, so we’ll have a short break before heading into our night shift.

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes, thoughts, and amazing numbers of lookers on the website. Yesterday topped out around 650 visits, when we’re normally around 100!


One response to “Happy campers!

  • Laurie

    I warn you Ian, I don’t think I changed a diaper until we got home from the hospital. And even then Mark still changed more than me until he went back to work.

    I’m glad all is going well!

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