Less than 24 hours to the start!

Its official – we’ll be checking into the hospital tomorrow at 6:30a for the induction. Despite this very straight forward fact, I’m not sure that either of us have really settled into the idea that we’re going to parents by Wednesday.

As it stands, Lesha, our personal photographer, will be in town tonight to join us in the birthing suite. A contingency of family will be arriving around early to mid afternoon.


Susan cutting in right about – here: Ian had good intentions with doing a post to update everyone. It, um, didn’t work. So here is how today went. The doctor’s appt this AM showed me to be at a loose 2 cm and still 50% effaced. She stripped my membranes quite vigorously (owwwie) to attempt to get a little more leeway before the deal goes down tomorrow. After that delight, I spent the rest of the day in various retail outlets finishing a bit of Christmas loose ends and also attempting to dislodge the kid from my ribs. Only half of that was successful. I’ll let you guess which half.

So we wake up bright and early to report to the hospital. I’ll get the pit-drip almost immediately after checking in. My dear doctor will come in about an hour afterwards and rupture my membranes. If all goes well, I give birth to Olivia. If it goes less well, she still comes out… with the help of some surgical intervention. Sound exciting? How about nerve wracking? Let me tell you, if I didn’t need my fingernails for leverage into my hubby’s tender flesh tomorrow, I would have bitten them off hours ago.

Ian will be updating the blog live from the hospital. This should include pictures (with my prior approval on them). Wish us luck!!

3 responses to “Less than 24 hours to the start!

  • Ian

    Sorry about not posting this sooner (Elynka), but I was pretty busy on my last day of work. I drafted the top part around 11a, and that’s about the last I saw of it until now. Of course, some people (Elynka) got overly concerned and some people (Elynka) decided to just call to make sure we weren’t already in the hospital. I won’t name (Elynka) any names (Elynka), but I think they (Elynka) know who they (Elynka) are.

    I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

  • Uncle Munkee

    Sorry I won’t be there tomorrow. Our network admin is out, so several of us are pulling more than our usual share of weight around. That, and I don’t have too many vacation days remaining. I’ll definitely see you guys this weekend. I hope all goes well. Say hi to my future niece for me!

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