Last weekend before becoming… “Parents”.

Ian and I have been lazing around the house this weekend.  We <should> be cleaning and organizing things for the big change, but seem rather loathe to do so.  I even went out and rented a movie (“The Prestige” – haven’t watched it yet).  There is a very big part of me that can’t believe this pregnancy is about to be over and we are about to have our baby.  It seems like forever ago when we first got the + sign on the test kit and every day after that has been building up to this coming week.  My rational mind completely understands that.  Unfortunately, my rational mind is only, maybe, 10% of the whole.  The rest of it seems to be in la-la land.  “Baby?  What baby?”.

We go in tomorrow morning for the last doctor’s appointment before induction day.  She’ll do the regular checkup, complete with toco monitoring, and then we’ll set up my check-in time for Tuesday.  I have a few more questions to ask her before it all goes down, but right now I’m calm and optimistic.  Let’s see how long that lasts.


6 responses to “Last weekend before becoming… “Parents”.

  • Jamie Davis

    Your life is about to change like nothing you could ever imagine. Enjoy and savor every moment of it. Children are a gift from God. Our prayers are with you and Ian as you embark on parenthood. Be blessed and know that we all glory in the new addition to the “family”. Oh, by the way, the excrutiating pain you are about to endure is REALLY WORTH IT!!! I just had to say that. Love to you all! Jamie(in FL but not for long)

  • Susan

    Thank you. (Man, you just had to bring up the excruciating pain thing, huh… 😀 )

  • Richell

    I am so excited I can’t wait to see little Olivia. I know you are glad that she is finally going to be here. Love you both.

  • aliasmother

    Good luck, guys. Susan, just keep breathing and remember that it is temporary and that you can do this! Ian, just remember that it is your job to be her constant.

    I’ll be thinking of you. (And, yes, it is sooo worth it.)

  • April

    How did your appointment go today? I’ve been checking all day to see when the induction is. Is it tomorrow????

  • Elynka

    I have been checking too. How dare you have a life and not rush straight home to let us know! 😉

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