Friday’s visit

The visit to the doctor this morning was pretty simple – listen to the baby on the monitor, check her cervix and discuss the next steps.

The monitoring session was fine.  She was quite active and the doctor was pleased.

The cervix check was still painful for Susan – its sitting very high, but it is a full 2cm dilated now.  I asked – its not the “sort of” 2 that she said last week, but a real 2.

The next steps are that we’ll come in for a visit on Monday at 8:45a, do the same routine, except that she’ll contact the hospital and schedule an induction.  She expects a 98% chance that it will be scheduled for early Tuesday morning.

Whatever the day is, we’ll go into the hospital around 6:30a and she’ll be hooked up to the IV straight away, pumping in the pictocin drip.  Around 8 or 9a, the doctor will come in and break the water.  This will commonly make the baby uncomfortable, causing them to wiggle around more and lock into position.  Once Susan has made it to 3cm dilation, they’ll expect her to dilate by 1cm per hour.  If she doesn’t move at this rate, they’ll move her to a c-section.  This would not be an “emergency” c-section wherein they’d sedate her completely, but more of a “scheduled” operation wherein she’d stay awake for the procedure.

We sort of expect the baby not to arrive until at least mid-afternoon on the date of the induction.  Some people move quickly, some don’t, and some can’t get the baby out via induction.  We’ve heard of plenty of people that go through 12+ hours of labor, so we don’t think anybody needs to drive up here at 6a!

We’ll know the schedule for certain on Monday morning after the doctor’s visit.


2 responses to “Friday’s visit

  • Craigge

    Susan..Sounds a whole lot like when you were born. “It’s nice and warm and comfortable here and I’m not going out there of my own free will” may be one of those genetic things. You might want to write it down somewhere and pass the word on to Olivia sometime down the road. Love you, Dad

  • Elynka

    I had an emergency C-section, and I still wasn’t sedated completely.

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