I wouldn’t say spicy food does nothing, per se.

It just isn’t doing anything helpful labor-wise.  As a matter of fact, I’m still feeling quite nauseous from yesterday and generally in the yuck.  Which is sad because it was lovely food.  I love Thai and Ian makes a mean chili.  Normally, my tummy adores these things, but I guess having a 7+ lb baby sitting on it makes a difference.

For anyone who may try to call me today, I just noticed my cell phone has only one bar left before the battery goes dead.  Since my charger is in the hospital bag in the back end of Ian’s car (good idea, bad timing), I’ll be conserving that last bit of energy and not using my phone unless it is an emergency (i.e. labor, birth, etc).  Since I’m not having so much as a twinge contraction wise, I don’t see this as being a problem.


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