Spicy food does nothing

It was worth a shot – it was basically the last thing in the long laundry list of reasonable wives’ tales that induce labor naturally.  We had Thai food at medium spice for lunch and homemade chili for dinner.  All it accomplished was making my wife and our toilet cry out in pain.  The baby got more excited about the chocolate Susan ate in the doctor’s office than she did over the spicy foods.

We’re still hoping for a random burst of contractions and the rapid onset of labor, but we realize it isn’t likely.

As Elynka mentioned, she likes to think she’s just to comfortable for the kids to leave without a fight.


One response to “Spicy food does nothing

  • Craigge

    Well I guess the spicy food makes Susan turn sideways and not spill her drink!!! Or is she trying to compare her milk with what’s in the cup? Oh wait, she’s just using her cup holders. Love

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