no change, no rush

We’re still in the doctor’s office, but I can say for certain that there has been no dilation change and there is no big rush. Because of hospital restrictions, the doctor can’t schedule an induction until she has reached 41 weeks.
We’re currently listening to Olivia’s heartbeat on the monitor, something that we’ll have to do again on Thursday or Friday. We’ll be eating chili for dinner in the hopes to replicate the previous experience with such a dish – wild, unabashed activity.
Amusingly, both the doctor and nurse said they hadn’t expected us to be at this appointment!


One response to “no change, no rush

  • Susan

    Not only is there no change, there is possible regression here. They gave me an optimistic 2cm last Friday. Now, I’m back to 1cm. A loose 1cm, but still. Unless Olivia changes her mind, it looks like she gets drug out kicking and screaming sometime next Tuesday (Dec 18). When we get an actual time, we’ll let everyone know.

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