Begging / All Star Hockey

We have an appointment at 8:45 in the morning (I’d say tomorrow, but its 1a now!) – and it is Olivia’s due date! At said appointment, Susan will beg the doctor to “get this baby out.” Basically, she’ll be asking when she could begin the induction process. We’d both much rather this all came naturally, but the severe lack of comfort, combined with a record low number of contractions right now just isn’t giving us a warm and fuzzy about nature. So, with any luck, she’ll give her the prostaglandin gel-stuff today or within days. And, with more luck, that gel will wake mother nature up and give us the nearly-natural pregnancy she’s seeking. Otherwise, within a few days of that, the pitocin will be in order. The last thing she wants is a c-section, but, of course, if that’s what has to happen, then okay – bring Olivia to us safe and sound!

As for hockey… I was selected for the rec league All Star at our level and we played Sunday night. It was a really exciting game, with a total of 8 players from my team on the West team, including our goalie! On top of having a majority of the team on the ice, nearly everyone else made it out for the game to cheer us on, which was a blast. There were plenty of spouses that joined in the fun, too. It was a really fun game and it gave us the opportunity to mix with people we only play against. The final score was 9 – 5, in our favor.

Susan had a couple of moments of fright… I took a pretty big spill in the first period, almost directly in front of her seat to top it off. Our friend Jay had lost his balance as we apparently got tangled up, and he came falling into me. Now, he didn’t land on top of me or anything (and he’s a big guy!), but when his instincts told him to bring his hands up to catch himself, it ended up landing his stick across my back, toward the upper part of my kidneys. I laid on the ice for a minute or so, trying to catch my breath and to work through the acute pain, but during that time, Susan was getting rather worried. All was well, though, and I was back out for my next shift.

A second spill came late in the game, and it was a little less defined. Half of the people that saw it thought it was on purpose, while the other half aren’t sure, but what it boils down to is that one of the opposing players struck/ran into me and I dropped like a sack of potatoes. Now this particular player was a little upset after a tussle he’d had with a couple of my teammates, so it seems somewhat likely that he knocked me down. The other thing, though, could have been that he just didn’t see me until too late… but that doesn’t make much sense. I was standing nearly still at the blue line, near his bench, watching the puck in his defensive zone. He was headed in for a line change from behind me, so it seems like he’d be looking at his bench… but that’s when he dropped me. Normally, in a situation like that, a player would apologize or at least acknowledge what he’d done, but this guy didn’t – real classy. 🙂

All in all, I survived and had a ton of fun. We’ll let everyone know if anything comes from the appointment in the morning…

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