Sort of gross progress, though.

Click if you want more… but you’ve been warned.

Bloody show at 6am this morning.  This is part of the natural progression toward actually going into labor and likely indicates further dilation.   Susan is having contractions, but with no pattern or great length.  She is having more than the past two days have given her, though.  Additionally, she has a sensation of pressure and/or pinching… so much so that it is more comfortable for her to sit with her knees up and spread apart.

We’ll continue to update…


6 responses to “Progress

  • Laurie

    This is how Shaw’s birthday started! Good luck and let me know if you need someone to feed the cat!

  • Craigge

    Your Mom is in the starting blocks and ready to run at the sound of the starter’s pistol. Love you lots, Dad

  • Amy

    Creepy. I had a dream last night Susan gave birth. The baby had dark hair and the bluest of blue eyes you have ever seen. Luckily for Susan, the labor was very painless – it just kinda slid out (at the hospital and all, but she was talking casually to all around her). But dreams being dreams: the second baby had dark hair the greenest of green eyes. I got to be the first one to hold them both. We were all just waiting on the other two to be born. Apparently the doctor did not want to scare you by ever informing you that you were actually carrying 4 babies, until they were actually being born. No one seemed very troubled by this.

  • Susan

    Four babies at the same time is a paralyzing thought. Four…

  • Amy

    Just think – you might get your own tv show! Yay!

  • Susan

    Not worth it. Just totally not worth it.

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