Hospital visit

We had a hospital visit yesterday.  We didn’t call anybody, because we did not want everyone to jump in the car over what was likely nothing.

When Susan went to went to bed on Monday night, she noticed that Olivia was rather calm, but thought little of it.  Maybe she was giving her mom a break, so Susan went to sleep.  Around 5a, Susan woke up again and noticed that Olivia still wasn’t moving much.  She came upstairs and woke me, quite upset with the situation.  I placed my face on Susan’s belly, a trick that commonly gets Olivia moving because of the heat change, but she didn’t stir.

At this point, we called the doctor’s office and got a return call from the on-call doctor within 5 minutes.  She told Susan to drink some juice or another sugary beverage, then lie on her side and do a “kick count.”  If she didn’t kick 10 times in an hour, we should call back and/or go to the hospital.  Before the juice, we’d felt 3 faint kicks and after the juice we still only got around 3 kicks.  We continued to do all the tricks in our bag, trying to wake her up and we were steadily getting more concerned.

At this point we jumped into our clothes, grabbed our hospital stuff and headed to the ER.  While I parked the car, she checked in and found out that she’d be sent straight to OB triage.  Within minutes, a nurse with a wheelchair showed up and swept her up to triage.  The triage nurse was very calm and collected, asking questions as she hooked up the monitors.  The first monitor to be established was the ultrasound so we could all hear her heartbeat… pumping along at a solid 150 beats per minute.  From that moment, we all knew everything was just fine.

The rest of the visit was pretty boring… we just sat in the room, listening to her heartbeat and eventually listening to her rub up against the monitor.  She was awake and active by the time we left the hospital and she’s not really slowed down since then.

Susan has decided that when the delivery day finally does come, she’ll give Olivia a big kiss and then a spanking for scaring us so terribly!  On Susan’s part, though, she is not going to complain about an over abundance of activity from Ms Olivia!

As far as contractions go, Susan basically had none yesterday.  We’ll keep everyone updated…


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