Doctor’s appointment

No change in the dilation or effacement.  After a simple request to the doctor, though, Susan’s membranes were stripped.  This is a fairly common process to help stir on labor.  Susan described it as “uncomfortable” and “unpleasant,” but not unbearable.  She squeezed my wrists for about 30 seconds while the doctor did her work.

For some people this can start real labor within a day or so… we’re hopeful but not too much.  We’ll keep everyone up to date…


6 responses to “Doctor’s appointment

  • Susan

    Let me tell you, I am an uncomfortable woman. The stripping may not lead to anything, but it has certainly upped the ante in the activity dept. Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed.

  • April

    That’s awesome! I’m getting excited! My sister just had her baby a month ago and the midwife stripped her membranes before her induction. She said it was extremely painful. Hang in there! It’s almost over!!

  • Elynka

    I also heard that it was extremely painful as well. I hope it works!

  • Susan

    The stripping itself wasn’t all that terrible. I mean, it didn’t make me chuckle in delight, but it was quite bearable. It’s the afterwards part that is a little… unpleasant.

  • Matt

    Just be glad that your Doc isn’t a big guy with a thyroid problem.

    Membrane stripping…there is just something that sounds pretty awful about that so I did a little research. If you are in the mood for something scary look up amniotomy on Wikipedia.

  • Ian

    Too bad they don’t show you the amnihook, not that the picture in the article could possibly be rivaled. They really should warn you before that loads… 😦

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