Sitting on our hands

Basically we’ve spent the past couple of weeks waiting and we’re beginning to get impatient.  We’ve been talking with Olivia about leaving her current station and we’ve been discussing every single “home remedy” to stir labor.  Susan spent an hour or so over the course of Sunday walking up and down the stairs in our house.  She’s been drinking a good deal of raspberry leaf tea and taking evening primrose oil.  The only change so far is that her contractions, that had been occurring at fairly predictable intervals of 15 minutes, are now occurring randomly.  Occasionally they are stronger than they have been in the past, but for the most part, they aren’t a lot different.

Susan has taken to sleeping on the couch in the front room, so I’ve put the baby monitor on the end table next to her so if she needs something, she barely has to speak to get my attention.  I have to admit that I’ve not been sleeping particularly well with her not being there next to me… and the monitor doesn’t fill the spot very well.

There was a doctor’s appointment the Monday before Thanksgiving and the Monday after, but neither revealed an awful lot.  In both visits she measured 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  In yesterday’s visit, the doctor was concerned with Susan’s fundal length (measurement of the baby belly), so she ordered an ultrasound.  Luckily, the tech worked us in right away, so we didn’t have to wait around.  The ultrasound showed that Olivia is growing properly, measuring right on target for 38 weeks, plus the fluid in the placenta is at the appropriate levels as well.  The weight estimate is around 7lb 9oz, give or take 8oz.  I’ll see about estimating the length in a little while…

Thanksgiving went very well.  We ate with friends on Thanksgiving day, enjoying an amazing meal with their very, very nice families.  On Friday, I brined and cooked a turkey.  Along with the turkey, we received (and ate!) a ham, and lots of other wonderful side dishes.  The brining worked out well, creating a very moist meat, and I was amused to find that our friend Elynka had also brined her turkey.  We used two different Food TV recipes, but we were both quite pleased with the results.

The hockey team played our last game of the session on Sunday, but I didn’t participate.  I wasn’t feeling particularly good, partly due to the fact that I’d been woken up at 4a by work, and partly an upset stomach.  I’ve pushed through that sort of thing before, but Susan had also just started her new contraction “routine” and we were a little weirded out by it.  We decided that it’d be better if I were at home, just in case things (finally) started moving forward.

We’ll keep everyone up to date… as there is something to be up to date on.


2 responses to “Sitting on our hands

  • Elynka

    I hope that things get started soon. I know all too well those last few weeks are just ridiculous. I tried all kinds of remedies to get my kids to come out. Hopefully you won’t have the same problem I did with your kids getting a little too comfortable in there.

    Oh, my favorite one (attempt to get labor started) was when Chris would rub certain pressure points on my hands and legs. I would actually have contractions, randomly, until he stopped. Oh, and I also had acupuncture which had me in a nice rhythm until they took the pins out. 😦

    She’ll be here soon, and then you’ll forget all about the agony. If you’re like me you will forget (or force yourself to forget) so well that you will be doing this again in your lifetime. We’ll be going for #3 after the first of the year! Can’t wait!

  • Laurie

    I took to sleeping on the couch the last few days of my pregnancy as well.

    Shaw came two days after his due date so I have no effective remedies to get her here any sooner. But I’m thinking good thoughts for you all.

    Let me know if there’s anything we can do or if you need us to look in on the kitty when the time comes.

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