Unsustainable contractions

We went for a long walk at the park this evening, tracking her contractions as we looped around the Parthenon. Almost from the start she established a pattern of contractions every 5 minutes or so, lasting about a minute each. It was really close to clockwork and I was doing pretty decent with predicting them. After about 45 minutes, though, her hips hurt too much for her to go on, so we headed to the car. In the car she had one more on schedule, then one at 1 minutes and finally she was back into her 15 minute schedule.

We ate a sushi dinner, loading her up with spicy products, and then headed home. We’ll go out a couple of times tomorrow to see what we can get to stir… we figure that there will at least be a dilation change at Monday’s doctor appointment.

We’ll continue the updates as they come…


4 responses to “Unsustainable contractions

  • Laurie

    We’re thinking active labor thoughts for you! Shaw can’t wait to meet his new friend.

  • April

    Olivia is going to come when she is ready. I know Susan, you are so over being pregnant. I remember what it’s like. You need to try to enjoy it being just you and Ian, because it’s going to change real soon. One day it will be hard to remember what it was like, just the two of you. Also, you’re going to miss your pregnant belly. Hard to believe, but you will. I look forward to seeing pictures of you and Ian holding little Olivia. You are both going to be wonderful parents. I will be checking daily to see how everything is progressing. We love you both! Oh yeah, one more word, “Epidural”! It’s wonderful!!

  • Steph

    Wow. Did you call the doctor? I would have thought they would send you in with those stats…

  • Susan

    AS we were walking around the Parthenon, I just had this feeling. I knew no matter how great those contractions were going and how much shoving little Olive was doing, it just wasn’t going to happen that night. It was a little discouraging, but then I focused on the fact that this is progress and I’m going to be at least that much more prepared for when it actually is time. It made a difference.

    I am definitely enjoying my time with Ian. He’s so good to me, such a sweetie. I know I’ll miss it in a way. I’m ready to have our kid, but I know it will never ever be the same afterwards.

    And the only way I’m not having an epidural is if they run out of it and there’s a blizzard preventing anyone from going to get more.

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