Plans for today/the weekend

Since my daytime training is coming to a close today, Susan is going to start working her body into a frenzy in an effort to produce labor inducing contractions.

As she has mentioned elsewhere, most any activity outside of sitting on the couch will produce a set of random contractions. Even sitting on the couch, she has contractions, of course, but they get a little more intense with simple movement like walking.

Going forward from right now, though, she is going to begin the homeopathic methods in conjunction with unfettered activity. As far as the homeopathic stuff, our friend Laurie has provided her with evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea. The tea should help tone the uterus and make the labor a little shorter thanks to this. The primrose oil is supposed to make contractions more productive, but only if they are real contractions… it won’t actually induce labor. At least this is my understanding of this stuff… she knows better than I.

Along with these homeopathic methods, she is going to go wild with the nesting activities that she has been holding herself back from doing. Sweeping, vacuuming and other stuff ought to bring along a few contractions. After these things are out of the way, she’ll begin walking. If the walking brings on more intense contractions and they are still going by the time I get home, we’ll bundle up and head to the park. Its our understanding, from our friend Steph, that the stairs at the Parthenon are awfully good for convincing babies they are ready to move out of their warm place.

If things go as planned, we’ll be able to “control” when the labor comes on to a certain extent.  This way, she’ll not be randomly sitting at home Tuesday afternoon when things kick into gear.  Additionally, if we can convince Miss Olivia to show up this weekend, we’ll be able to keep our Thanksgiving plans on top of making visiting the new baby easier for everyone because they are already headed here.  If things don’t go as planned, we’ll make due, but Susan will be pretty upset – she’ll likely handle a lot of contractions, but if they don’t produce a baby, she’ll have suffered a lot of pain with no results!

We’ll handle things as they come along and keep everyone up to date as we go.  Don’t start driving up just yet, but go ahead and have your bag handy… we’ve got ours! 🙂


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