Photos by Lesha

Susan and her friend Lesha had made plans early in the pregnancy for Lesha to come to take photos of Susan’s progression. There weren’t an awful lot of opportunities for Lesha to get time out of work and drive up to Nashville, but she did make time here at the end of the pregnancy.

She and Susie spent most of Thursday taking photos, with a batch of “private” photos, and a slightly larger batch of “public” photos. We’ve put those photos in a set on Flickr, as well as sticking a few of them on here. We went with the cliché “heart fingers” picture, and Susan has fallen absolutely in love with it.

Working with Lesha was awesome because we know her very well.  I wasn’t around for the photos in the afternoon, but I can tell by looking through them that Susan was comfortable.  Additionally, during our photos as a couple, when Olivia begin to squirm, I did what I normally did… I spoke to her, and rubbed on Susan’s belly in attempt to calm her down.  This, of course, made for a nice set of pictures.

The hope is for Lesha to re-join us once Susan goes into labor and she can grab a few nice photos in the l&d room at the hospital.  She’s been a birthing partner in the past, is obviously an accomplished photographer, and a very, very good friend of Susan’s. With all these things in consideration, if she can get here, we’re going to have some great photos to capture our memories.

Thank you Lesha!  Plus, I’ll provide a link to Lesha’s photography page a little later when I’m reminded of it. 🙂


One response to “Photos by Lesha

  • Craigge

    Wow!!! Lesha did a great job! I’m glad you got her to do this now, because she’ll definitely be famous one day and be in so much demand. Looking forward to the bare foot pics of Olivia. Tell Lesha I said she did good! Excited for her and her future! Love

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