Sympathic nesting?

Susie is sitting at home with her legs crossed, visiting with her buddy Leesha.  She’s driven up from Chattanooga to do some visiting and to take a few photos of Susan’s big ol’ belly before she pops.  This has always been the plan, but I don’t know that any of us expected the photos to be taken so close to Olivia’s birthday!  It’s really cool, though, that these pictures will be at the end of the whole pregnancy because it makes for an awesome landmark.

Susan is still experiencing irregular, un-rhythmic contractions… generally 15 minutes apart. We’re not expecting our little Olive to pop out today, but we’re going to be ready.  We’ve both physically gone through the hospital bag at least once, and we’ve mentally gone through it at least four times within the past 24 hours.  That bag and the camera bag are sitting together on the main floor of the house.

Susan has a towel to rest on just in case this whole water breaking thing happens.  She has her analog watch handy for timing contractions.  She has instructions to sit still so as not to kick off the contractions.  She will call me when she feels like the contractions are moving toward hospital-worthy.

This morning, after another mental check of the hospital bag, I began cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry and a couple of other chores.  Susan hasn’t really gotten into a nesting mode herself, but I know that her mom and I have both contributed to handling her nesting needs. 😉

Again… we’ll keep everyone informed.


3 responses to “Sympathic nesting?

  • Steph

    I am dying here…you need to promise to post before you go to the hospital…get your priorities straight! 🙂

  • Ian

    I can post from my phone. I’ll handle that after we’ve gotten to the hospital and completed the initial setup. Promise.

  • Susan

    Oh no, I have nesting instinct out the whazoo. But seeing as how anytime I attempt anything more physical than pouring a bowl of cereal I start contracting like crazy, I’m trying to restrain myself. That ends today.

    I must clean the bathrooms. Must. And sweep the floors. Vacuum. Must.

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