Contractions and spooky cats

Susan took a trip to the grocery store this afternoon to grab a few of the items we need for our Thanksgiving dinner next week.  Apparently all the walking around in the store got little Olive excited and Susan began to have pretty serious contractions!  In fact, she was a little concerned that she was actually even going into labor.  She tells me that she’d stop walking and the contractions would fade, but the shoppers around her were rather concerned, with several asking if they should place a phone call for her!

As soon as she got to the car and relaxed, though, the contractions calmed right down.  She was able to drive home, unload the groceries and kick back on the couch without any major complications.

However, when she is kicked back on the couch, or most anywhere else in the house, little Moochie is by her side.  She is following her around the house and laying at least within touching distance of her, if not actually laying on her.  It seems that whatever hormones Susan is putting out is confusing our Mooch.  My guess is that she’ll be staying close for the remainder of the pregnancy and well into the nursing stages.

Of course we’ll be letting everyone know if Susie goes into labor… don’t panic. 🙂


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