My first goal (and oh yeah, my wife is having contractions or something…)

I’m proud and bragging now. Its 12:34am and I really should be working toward getting showered and into bed, but I want to brag first.

Tonight, with my beautifully pregnant (and mildly contracting) wife in the stands, I finally, finally got my first goal in the rec league hockey. It was a “garbage” goal, picking up another guy’s rebound, but it was still a goal. He’d taken the shot and I’d followed him into the play. The rebound was bouncing a bit and the goalie was out of position, so I took a swing and managed to “ski-ramp” it up the goalie’s shoulder, into the very top of the net. My first goal found the peanut butter… top shelf! 🙂 Amusingly, and completely out of my control, I calmly pointed in the goal as I skated past the net. At that point, I took a miniature victory lap to get congratulated by my rather excited teammates.

I grabbed the puck as we headed off the ice… its taken me 42 games to get that goal – who knows how many it might be before I get another! 😉

We did lose the game, but it was respectable: a 6 – 3 loss to a team that normally beats people by 10+ goals.

Okay… off to bed. We’re due at the doctor’s office at 8a tomorrow and she is experiencing mild, un-rhythmic contractions. Nothing to be freaked out over, but certainly not Braxton-Hicks contractions she tells me. We’ll keep everyone informed, especially when we get the dilation check tomorrow morning.


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