I love his, “or something…”

We had the 36 week check-up today.  I start regular weekly check-ups from this point on.  The road goes on forever and the party never ends.  Or so I thought.  Even with all the nasty contractions I have been having of late, I didn’t expect to be told that they were doing anything helpful.  One of the few times I am delighted to be proven wrong.

I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated.

Olivia is between 5 and 5 1/2 pounds according to my doc’s estimate from Leopold’s maneuvering (pressing on my belly in certain ways to determine size).  Her heartbeat is steady and she dances in spite of no longer really having a dance floor.  In short, she’s doing great.

I don’t think I need to point out how very ready I am to get this party started, but I should say that it would be really great if she decided to wait til after Thanksgiving to come out.  Ian is in training from 9-9 every day this week for a new work product.  We have invites to watch the Preds game from one of the suites on Turkey day itself.  All of our family will be up that Friday for the big dinner.  These are things I would like to see through while she is still on the inside.  However, if labor starts after the meal is over….  😀

3 responses to “I love his, “or something…”

  • Sandy

    Ah, yes……I have fond memories of looking forward to attending the big family July 4th gathering at Dot’s. If I could make it to that, any time afterward was fine.
    Ian was born on July 2 – jaundiced. We left the hospital on July 7. All was not lost tho, I knew it was the 4th because the napkin that came with my lovely hospital dinner had a flag on it!

  • Craigge

    You may be dancing, but someone else is playing the song. Da 🙂

  • aliasmother

    I don’t think I need to comment that this is so terribly, terribly unfair.

    Why does everyone else’s kid want to come out while mine seems totally content to stay put? I’m going to lodge a complaint…somewhere. With…someone.

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