I still can’t think of a catchy title for a post that covers a lot of stuff

Sheila left on Friday afternoon after lunch with Harvey at a meat & three near my office.  It was a great help having her up this week and the house looks a lot better because of it.  This will give us a head-start on both Olive’s arrival as well as having family over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Susan experienced a bit of false labor on Thursday afternoon / evening.  Apparently while she was out shopping with her mom, she began to have contractions approximately 15 minutes apart and lasting about a minute.  This started around 4p and lasted, in exactly the same pattern, until after 11p.  At no point did they become more intense, closer together or longer in duration.  While Sheila and I tend to be the ones that would shuffle Susan toward the hospital more than Susan would, we both decided that it was, in fact, simply false labor.

Also on Thursday night my friend Omer came over for dinner.  He was staying in Nashville (from Atlanta) due to work, so, in his words, “there was no way he could be in Nashville without dropping by to see us.”  He came by the house, we showed him around, and then headed out to Rosepepper.  What better place to take your out of town guests?  (Lynka – hint, hint!)  He agreed wholeheartedly after devouring his dinner.  After dinner we did a little racing on the Xbox until he needed to head back to his hotel to get some extra work done.  It was really fun seeing Omer – we’ve known one another since Junior High and we’ve kept in relative touch the entire time.  Hopefully he and his wife will get to take a weekend to visit us sometime next year.

The olives seem to be coming along nicely and I plan on making a post only about those a little later this afternoon.

Speaking of olives, our little Olive has either a great like or a great dislike of my homemade chili.  I pulled some chili out of the freezer last night and that’s what we had for dinner.  Susan had initially turned her nose up at the idea, but ended up eating two bowls worth.  (To her defence, she turned her nose up at a lot of ideas – her stomach was indecisive.)

A couple of hours after dinner Olivia spun like a top so that her knees were pointed out (instead of her butt) and began doing a dance!  Normally if I place my hands on Susan’s belly, Olivia will halt almost all movement.  This time?  Not a chance.  She continued rubbing her knees from one side to another and pushing them out as far as she could get them.  Apparently her knees weren’t the only thing moving, either.  Susan reports that her fists of fury were working against parts beyond my reach.

Eventually (about 30 minutes later), Olivia spun back around to put her butt side out.  This change reduced the knee jabbing, but didn’t slow the fists down too much for a little while longer.  At some point she must have calmed down completely, because Susan was able to go to sleep, but I felt really sorry for her during the hubbub.

As a reference, Olivia needs to be butt side out and head down in order to make the birth as smooth as possible.  As the baby travels through the birth canal, the face shouldn’t be looking up at the doctor – it can, of course, but it’s not as easy.

Also, as a reference for food based activity – Susan ate some banana pudding at the meat & three and Olivia increased her activity.  This movement, though, wasn’t nearly as brutal and seemed to Susan to be “happy” movement.  She said that it was also not nearly as long in duration. Maybe the spicy food thing is the truth – maybe it just agitates that baby into exiting!

In house news, not only do we have a big tree branch sitting in the back yard, we’ve got a leak in the plumbing to the upstairs bathroom.  I thought it might have been the wax seal on the toilet, but I’ve pretty well ruled that out: I turned off the water to the toilet a few days ago and, as such, it hasn’t been used in days.  When I checked on the leak (in the basement) it was still wet and still dripping.  There was basically no water in the toilet (just as I’d left it), so that rules the toilet water removal out.  In addition to the dripping in the basement, I can see that the ceiling in the guest bedroom is bowing and has water stains on it.  It also soft to the touch in some spots.  We’ll be getting this resolved first thing next week.  I’m excited.

Work is going to be pretty wild next week – I’m in training during business hours on one product, and then training during the evening on a different product!  I’m not sure if our poor brains are going to handle all of this information, but we’re sure going to try hard at it!  The amazing part is that this is all being covered by work.  We’re going to come out of these long days trained in some great new stuff, making us more valuable employees.  I’m really honored to have this opportunity, despite the ridiculous time investment. 🙂

Oh… and just fooling around, I was looking at jobs and immigration in New Zealand last night.  (I couldn’t sleep – the plumbing was eating away at my brain.)  It seems that with my recently earned job  experience, I can easily pass the minimum “score” for the immigration requirements.  Also, looking at the jobs, I could likely land the majority of the administrative (as opposed to the development) positions.  I’ve been lucky to be hired into an environment so dynamic and intense.  I don’t imagine I’ll ever be able to convince my wife to spend any sort of extended period of time in New Zealand, but its sort of fun to look.  Maybe if it were some sort of contract work, she might be willing.  Only time will tell.  I know for a fact that I want to take Olive and Susie there to visit at some point.

Its amazing to think that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away now.  I’ve pulled out the Joy of Cooking book again, and I’m beginning to make my plans around turkey day.  I plan to brine the turkey this year, mostly because I know I have a bucket that can hold it!  With this recipe, the turkey rests in a saltwater brine for 4 to 6 hours before roasting.  It is supposed to create a very moist turkey, and hopefully not a terribly salty turkey.  As the plan stands now, we’ll have 12 people over for dinner on the day after Thanksgiving.  In addition to the turkey, we’ll have a ham, so there should be more than enough food to have the leftovers carry us through Olive’s birth! 🙂  Heres hoping she decides to wait until after Thanksgiving.  Of course I’m sort of cursing us by making all these plans… but we’ll make due.  Sheila is quite convinced that Olivia will be born on Thanksgiving day, especially since we’ve got hockey plans.

Back to the house… I’ve begun planted the dozens of bulbs I ordered a month or so ago.  I’ve put down about 12 bulbs of a total of… 100+?  All I know is that they were cheap and I went wild.  I want the yard to be an explosion of blooms in the spring / early summer and thats what these promise to do… if I can get them planted.  The dozen I got in the ground have made my back and legs sore.  I’m even cheating – I’m just creating holes amongst the grass… I’m not trying to create a proper flower bed or anything.  I don’t know how well that is going to work in the long run, but if it gives me the opportunity to give them in the ground now, I’ll take it.

Now that I’m at nearly 1400 words, I’ll stop and I’ll make a promise to myself (and our readers) to have my wife or I post a little more often, no matter how mundane the day seems then… because we end up writing about it later anyway! 🙂


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