Catch-all post…

We had a tornado “scare” on Monday night. The siren, directly across the street from our house, sounded a couple of times. This was the first time we’d heard it go off when it wasn’t the normal monthly testing time, so it was pretty interesting. We didn’t panic, but we prepared ourselves… we grabbed blankets and the cat, then we moved into the basement. I kept taking trips up and down the stairs to see the weather map. Sheila was keeping Susan company at the same time as finishing up the laundry. Nothing ever came our way and Moochie was kind of freaked out – she was crammed into her carrier, sitting on top of the washing machine.

My training for work is going well and we’ve gotten through one class already. Susan and I are coping pretty well with the crazy schedule. Of course this week has gone much smoother thanks to her mom being up.

Speaking of Sheila, she and Susan have been doing a little dual-nesting the past couple of day. In particular, all the windows and curtains got washed. Apparently our curtains weren’t actually brown, but bronze and not off-white, but white. It was a lot of work, but has made things look a great deal better.

Beyond cleaning, Sheila has made us a couple of great dinners, helping both of us out a great deal. Susan has been enjoying having some company and someone that can help get the house in order. Olivia is still draining a great bit of her energy as well as beating her up pretty well.

We got to visit a pediatrician yesterday, and we’ve decided to skip our second visit because we were so happy with this one!  The office had a great setup and the practice’s philosophies are in line with ours.  The doctor was very nice – believed that parents need information, not edicts.  She had a great personality and a great nurse that is “her” nurse, which was a key part of our decision.

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