Still freaked out.

I am officially unemployed.  I have said that out loud many times now, but it still doesn’t seem real.  Bizarre.

They threw a party for me at work  and I cried like Olivia will (I’m assuming).  They are a fantastic group of people and I’m going to miss seeing their happy faces every week.  I know that this is the best decision and I’m lucky Ian and I are in the position for me to be able to stay home.  It was still sad to walk out of there knowing I won’t be back on Monday.  The higher ups came to me and said anytime and any way I want to come back, they’ll take me and be glad.  That was the best feeling – knowing that I did good while I was there and it was noticed.

On to new roads….


7 responses to “Still freaked out.

  • Craigge

    Well that was very nice of them to do that for you. I’m not surprised that they would want you back. You were always a hard worker, smart and nice. I can say this because it’s true and not just because I am your Mom. Very glad that you and Ian have decided to let you stay with Olivia. Of course since you will be her main food source it really will be good!!! Love

  • Craigge

    You’re going to be busy enough before long that you won’t even think about another job for a good long while. The job you’re getting will be a lot more rewarding than the one you just left. The only thing you’ll miss is some of the people you worked with. You can keep in touch with them if and when you want. Love yah, Dad

  • Craigge

    Well, so we have olives in jars. Is that garlic and spices I see floating in there? But the important question is, “Do they taste like olives yet?” I looked at some store bought olives with pimento fillings and now I think that they make a round hole at the top to get that seed out. I think the little crosshair cut will be to small. So how did you do it? Love

  • Ian

    I knew I shouldn’t have delayed writing a post about jarring the olives… yet another comment about a photo that isn’t associated with the post. 🙂

    Patience… I’ll a full explanation of olive curing progress a little bit later.

  • Craigge

    Beef and buffalo jerky are both really good. I understand it isn’t very hard to make and that you can keep it for a year or two. Just in case you need another interesting project after the olives. Sheila is really looking forward to her visit and spending some time up there with you two. I,on the other hand, will stay here and stock up water and colas for Wallyworld. I figure I’m the only one working there that knows what heavy water is, how its formed, and what its used for. Did you know that if you freeze heavy water the ice will sink in regular water? Guess maybe that’s why they pay me the big bucks. 🙂 ;( 🙂

  • Susan

    Ha, ha. I am so your daughter! I knew that ice made from hard water sinks in regular water. Something I read somewhere way back when.

  • Craigge

    Heavy water, not hard water. Heavy water is deuterium; hard water just has a lot of minerals in it. One is an optimum moderator that slows down neutrons a lot and the other just smells and tastes really bad. Happens if you join two diatomic elements just right under the right conditions. Amazing what an extra neutron here and there will do. Kind of like your body is made up primarily of water, carbon and nitrogen. Put them together a little differently and you have CN and H2O(cyanide and a glass of water). The difference between life and death are just that close. Love ya,Dad

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