Quick doctor’s visit

Our regularly scheduled visit came along this morning and it was a quick one.  We met the fourth doctor in the practice, and she was nice.  We’d be pleased to find any of the doctors in the delivery room – we’d prefer her regular doctor, but any of them would do in an pinch. 🙂

The doc measured Susan’s belly, and then ran the doppler over her so we could all hear the heartbeat.  The doctor then informed us that at this point the baby would be healthy if she were to be born at any point from now.

With that, we scheduled a visit for two weeks away and headed out.  Not much to it!


4 responses to “Quick doctor’s visit

  • Craigge

    Glad to hear everything is good with Susan and Olivia. Hope we can go to week 37. Who knows, you could go longer! Be sure and tell the doctor’s that you were severely jaundiced the day after you were born. You spend several days(maybe five) under the light. You were very yellow and you would throw up everything after your first feedings and your readings were high: in the 30’s. We were in the hospital for a whole week. Now days they sometimes send babies home to soon. Love you

  • Craigge

    Commment no.1 was from your mother. This one isn’t. Glad things are going well. I’ve heard people say that there’s no such thing as an ugly baby. I was THERE when you made you first appearance. I loved you then without conditions, and I still do. Kind of figured that you’d grow out of it and was really pleased that you did, and did it so well. Dad

  • Craigge

    You were not ugly! You were just a lot bigger that baby number 1. He remembers you all covered in that white stuff. If I didn’t know that you were born on time and 9 lbs., I would wonder if you were just a little early because of the jaundice and stuff. The nurses fixed your hair so cute. You had one of those cupie doll curls on the top of your head. Love

  • Susan

    I have to side with Dad on this one. I’ve seen the pics of me as a newborn and I was no Gerber baby. A little like one of those yappy, little dogs that’s so ugly it’s kinda cute.

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