Long days…

Its been a really long couple of days…

Susan has been learning to deal with a pretty decent sized companion living inside her and grappling with the concept that this companion will be getting bigger in addition to sticking with the current living conditions for up to six more weeks.  She’s been woken up in the middle of the morning with feet reducing her lung space, or been treated to mid-afternoon rotations away from the much preferred head-down position.

I, on the other hand, have been quite active with work.  I got on a conference call at 5p on Sunday night, left for a hockey game two hours later, then rejoined the call 20 minutes after the game, only to hang up at 1:45a.  I headed to work a little later than normal this morning to make up for it, though.  As a commitment to my wife, I took off from work a little early, came home and made dinner in 40 minutes, so we could eat together before I headed out to the training class that will keep me busy in the evenings for the next several weeks.  It wasn’t a romantic dinner, but it was nice to know we were eating in (saving money!) and eating together.  My goal is to keep this up all week.  The coming weeks will be easier, though, because she’ll be able to start the cooking when she is in good condition.

Training was good and it’s amazing opportunity – there is a lot of money being committed for me and my coworkers, so its a great feeling.  The classes are going to be very helpful in improving our skill sets.  Unfortunately, after the class, I had another hour or so of work to accomplish, hence my still being up at this hour.

Hopefully things will calm down through the afternoon tomorrow and when I get home from class that evening, I’ll be able to crawl straight into bed with my wife. 🙂

On the olive curing front, there isn’t a great deal of an update.  I’ve noticed that approximately 50% of the olives are now a dark green color, and they are slightly softer.  The dark ones seem to not float on the surface, so I think that the weighing down of the light ones is a key to this process.  I haven’t dared to taste any of them, light or dark, just yet… I’m going to give them still more time.  Its been 11 days, so its just beyond the minimum soak time now.


One response to “Long days…

  • Craigge

    Well I tried the video ipod photo, but I couldn’t receive sound. Maybe my computer. Liked all the pics. Hope you learn much. I bet the olives will lock a jaw right now. They always are tart to me no matter how mature they are! Hope Olivia stays head first but maybe she needs to turn every now and then. Kinda like a chicken on a spit or clothes in a dryer. I know Susan will like those comparisons. Love

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