Feeling better.

The antibiotics are taking care of the infection quite efficiently at this point and I’m starting to feel a little bit more like normal.  As normal as pregnancy gets, anyway.  I will definitely be going to the office tomorrow morning.  This is my last week of work and, yep, I’m still freaked out by that fact.  Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be so nice to have some quiet time before Olivia gets here, but it’s very hard to wrap my brain around not earning a paycheck.  Bizarre.

We had family up this past week.  My parents ran up on Thursday and Friday to keep an eye on me while Ian was at work.  It was lovely to see them, even if it wasn’t the most pleasant of reasons for them to come up.  I’m just not much of a host when sick.  Sandy, Amy, Garrett, and Garrett’s mother, Susan, came up on Saturday before the Preds game.  We hung around the house, watched movies, and had a lovely time relaxing before the puck drop.  I didn’t go to the game even with the lure of great seats.  I was absolutely worn out at that point and the idea of stadium chairs and screaming fans wasn’t very appealing.  It was apparently a great game (Preds won) and I can’t wait until have enough steam to actually go and enjoy myself again.

In other news, our friends Graham and Virginia announced that they’re going to have a baby this coming June/July.  We’re both extremely excited for them.  Babies (when not trouncing your intestines and other internal organs) are rather fun.

3 responses to “Feeling better.

  • Craigge

    We enjoyed our visit. Hope you will feel totally better tomorrow and enjoy your last week of work. So very soon we will have Olivia here to keep us all occupied!!! Love

  • aliasmother

    So glad you are feeling better. I know that you would give anything to not have this drama and excitement, but at least you have indications that your child would like to leave your body at some point. I’m pretty convinced mine is camped out until her 18th birthday.

  • Susan

    Ugh. Can you imagine not only having an 18 year old in you, but all the accompanying hormonal angst? And not being able to escape it…

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