Doctor’s visit

I’ve accused Susan of liking her doctor too much because every time she tells us we’re going onto a 2 week schedule of visits, something comes up the very next week!

This time it was false labor. She had a little bit of textbook false labor on Saturday afternoon and in speaking with the nurse on Monday, she was told that next time the on-call doctor needs to be notified.

Today, though, wasn’t nearly as clear cut as Saturday. Starting yesterday, she was experiencing some cramping and GI distress. Around 2am, she vomited once and continued to feel really bad. In fact, after sitting in the bathroom for an hour or so, she spent most of the night in the recliner. Once the alarm started going off, it was pretty clear she wasn’t going to work. To be on the safe side, I stayed home to keep track of her.

Around 9a, she phoned the doctor’s office and they asked her to come in right away. When we arrived, they hooked her up to the fetal monitor for almost an hour. It was very nice getting to listen to Olivia’s heartbeat filling the room, and when they turned it off, it seemed all too quiet. The doctor reviewed the chart and stated all was well. She then did a quick examination, determining that her cervix was still closed.

They did two tests – one for pre-term labor, just like last time, and one for general health. The general health test showed a very minor bacterial infection that they are going to treat with antibiotics. The pre-term labor test went to the lab STAT, so we hope to know within the next hour or so the results of that one.

I took a 15 second video with my camera phone and I’ve posted it on the right side. Its less for the visual aspect and more for the aural, as you can hear the baby’s heartbeat.  EDIT – Something is wrong with the video and the sound is missing… I’m looking into it.

Susan’s parents are on their way up for a short visit and to make me a little more comfortable with the idea of going to work tomorrow.

We’ll post again if anything changes with the test… we really don’t expect a positive return, but you never know. We just need this little Olive of ours to sit tight for two and a half more weeks, then she’ll be full term.


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