I’m not sure if I ever want to hear the words “breasts” and “nipples” so many times in a two hour stretch ever again.

We went to breastfeeding class tonight, so those words were basically unavoidable. However, the frequency of their use was mildly disconcerting. 🙂

It was a good experience. The nurse teaching the class has been a lactation nurse for six years and a post-partum nurse for 23. We watched a pair of 5 minute videos and she gave us tons of information via a presentation. She showed us a number of different feeding methods and there was a baby doll to practice positioning with as well.

In other news, Olivia is getting quite large and making things quite uncomfortable for Susan. When she decides to shift her little knees from one side to the other, is quite a noticeable event – and with noticeable visual change comes noticeable pain. I am still providing support by freaking the baby out when I lay my hand on Susan’s belly. When I reach out to feel the movement, two thirds of the time the movement halts.

We’re looking forward to the weekend – my sister, her fiance and my mother will be visiting us ahead of the hockey game. We may also be going out to a Halloween party on Saturday night, getting in a little bit of socializing outside of the family realm.

Susan’s last day at work is quickly approaching… after next Friday, she’ll be an unemployed young lady. Her friends Laurie and Julia are quite excited to have someone else out of work so they can see someone other than their spouses or families. I think Susan is excited about seeing the two of them, as well. I’m sure she’ll feel quite strange not waking up to go to work each day, but it is the best thing for her at this point.

On less happy, but more practical news, I’ve begun digging through the process of creating wills, directives, and custodial documents. I have a program that does “interviews” and creates all sorts of legal documents for you, so its been relatively easy. Normally Susan shies away from these sorts of discussions (she still doesn’t like discussing my life insurance!), but when I brought it up tonight, she was quite supportive. Its never nice considering the idea that you’ll die, but eventually, it will happen, so its better to be prepared. We don’t have a tremendous number of possessions, but we certainly do have a child, so we need to get things squared away so we know she’ll be taken care of. We’ve talked about how (and who would be) best to provide for her, so now we’ve just got to speak to those people so we can make sure they agree with our decisions.

Oh – and at my work things are going quite nicely. I’ve been a part of a hand picked group that is working on the stability of our core applications, and while the hours have been long, we’ve recently made quite a name for ourselves by harnessing some great new technologies and techniques. Its always interesting and motivating to be getting praise from VPs and Directors that are outside of your chain of command. Our hard work even earned us a day off today, so we could recuperate a bit. We’ve been on the phone after 10p every day since Saturday, sometimes through the wee hours of the morning. To say we’re becoming a tight knit group is a bit of an understatement! 🙂

8 responses to “Words

  • Ed Craigge

    You’re a good man Ian. Love

  • Sheila Craigge

    I’m sure Ed agrees with me. I just wish he would change back to my name after he summits a comment. Otherwise people will think his(MINE)comment is a wee bit strange. Love

  • Sheila Craigge

    This isn’t Sheila. This is just the name that was left on the”Leave a comment” after #2 above was sent(instead of the one that was there for #1 above). People will more than likely think a lot of the comments are strange, no matter whose name appears with them. Generally good thinking anyway.

  • Elynka

    Did you guys check out the Gerber life insurance for babies? I think I sent it to you ages ago. This is something very dear to me as Chris is only able to get a very minimal amount of life insurance now. If he would have had the Gerber then we would have quite a bit more, and you are able to up your policy at certain ages.

    My parents have promised to buy a policy for one of my children and one of my brother’s children. This is probably one of the few times in life when it works out better that they are divorced. My two kids are covered are now covered! The next baby’s policy will have to come from us, but, like I said, I think it is money well spent.

  • Ian

    Sheila – Why should it be changed back to Sheila each time? Doesn’t Ed have just as much of a right to comment with ease?

    Ed – I think you’re right, we do attract a fair number of odd comments.

    Lynka – Its on my Google Calendar as a reminder to buy it right about Christmas time. The baby has to be 7 (or 14?) days old before you can purchase the policy and I figured Christmas day would be long enough after the birth. Thanks for the heads-up / reminder!

  • Susan

    I think the comments are either generally hilarious or sweet. I can’t wait to see what Olivia thinks about the fuss we made over her before she was even born.

  • Craigge

    Hey I used my noodle and will leave it at Craigge.

  • Tiffany

    Ahh, that’s why you were out of work. I guess I should read on a more daily basis. 😀

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