Olive curing progress…

It’s slow.

The new pictures start with this one on flickr and go for about 5 more.  The “smashed” and “cut” olives are leeching well, I believe, based on the fact that the water they rest in during the day smells of olives when I drain it each night.  The “untouched” batch, however, has basically no odor.  In all three batches, though, you’ll find a few different shades of green.  Some are still the fresh off the tree (or, rather, out of the box) green, and some are a softer green.  There are also a few that a darker – overly bruised or rotting maybe?

I still haven’t dared to taste any of them yet, fearing the worst still.  I’ve read way too many articles and recipes about just how bitter they are off the tree, so I’m going to wait until at least the 7th, if not the 10th day before I begin taste testing.

At this point I’m simply emptying the buckets into a colander resting in the tub each night, and then putting fresh water back in the bucket.  Starting last night, I am using a dinner plate in each of the buckets to weigh down the floating olives.  The vast majority of the olives will rest in the bottom of the bucket, but some (and it seems like the same ones each time) will float at the top.  Again, I’ve read that I want to keep them submerged, but I don’t know if that was so they’d leech better or to keep them from general exposure.  Since I’m putting the lids on my 5 gallon buckets, I’m not sure if exposure is really an issue for me, but just in case, they are getting weighed down.

As I expected, I’ve gotten about 5 or so hits on the blog because of the olive curing posts.  if you’ve found it because of these, go ahead and expect to see more.  Once I’ve established that the recipes work, I’ll even create a page dedicated to the process for easy reference.  In my research, its been tough to find a good spot with information about the leeching and such, so maybe I can provide that a bit…

Oh – if you’re bored and feel like browsing pictures, you can take a look at our list of sets on flickr and go to town.  Its now just under 7,000 photos and over 10,000 views.


3 responses to “Olive curing progress…

  • Ed Craigge

    Absolutely the best olives I’ve ever tasted were at a Greek eatery in downtown Chattanooga. You could get a Greek salad and about 1/4 of it would be these huge, cracked, unpitted, dark brown olives. I think I saw some, that looked like them anyway, at the Fresh Market when we were over there last week. May have to buy a few and find out.

  • Uncle Munkee

    That Greek eatery sounds like Mykonos on 8th Street (between Broad and Market)?

  • Amy

    The Family Food Mart on Brainerd Road has big tubs of olives too I think – I should probably try them out sometime

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