31 Weeks Ultrasound… finally!

Yeah, so I finally got my act together and scanned some of the ultrasound photos we’ve been sitting on for the past few weeks.  These are from the 31 week visit wherein the docs checked Olivia’s general growth.

We’ve got more than the 4 photos I scanned, but because some are difficult for even me to make out and still more are straight-on face shots with an evil eye, I didn’t scan them all.

You can find the whole set of four photos here.

2 responses to “31 Weeks Ultrasound… finally!

  • Uncle Munkee

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m a dumb male or what, but I can’t make out heads or tails in those pictures. I never have been. It’s kinda like those Magic Eye pictures, but at least I could see something in those.

    Maybe you could use the Flickr note box things to help out?

  • Ian

    I’ve made notes on the Flickr photos. I suppose I have to agree – before they were my own photos, I tended not to be able to see them either.

    Amusingly, like I said in the post, they are more easily discerned in the vertical orientation, believe it or not.

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