Interesting blog statistics

Just as a quick post…

  • We’ve had over 12,000 visits to the blog.  This is since we started in April of this year which is an average of 2,000 visits a month!
  • We’ve posted 219 entires (not including this one) since we start on April 1.  Additionally, we have two “pages” – About Us and our Disney Trip Journal.
  • We’ve had a total of 522 comments (including our own) on our posts.  That’s 2.4 comments per post.  The very first comment was from Susan’s mom.
  • The spam filter on the blog has blocked over 1,500 spam comments.
  • Our busiest week for visits was the week of July 27 when we had 645 visits.
  • The best day ever was 193 visits… but I don’t know what day that was.

Thanks, everybody, for your interest.  It is stunning to log in each day and see the number of visits on a given day.


3 responses to “Interesting blog statistics

  • Uncle Munkee

    Boasting = no comments except this one. =P

  • Uncle Munkee

    In other words, nobody cares much for statistics. More content!

    How’re the olives doing? Processes such as curing olives are interesting because such a very small amount of the general population even has the faintest of ideas of what goes into it.

    I kinda liken it to my new hobby (that I’m starting tonight) — roasting coffee! Mmmmm!

  • Ian

    I’d love to post more about the olive curing, but right now its really boring – I’ve changed the water each day. They’ve not changed color or texture. Wheeeee.

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