A little review.

This past Wednesday, we had dinner at the Rosepepper with our friends Jay and Stephanie and their 4 month old, Thane.  He is the super cute little guy that caused me to have a reality-check breakdown in Baptist hospital after he was born (remember the horrible picture where I am pale, sweating, and hyperventilating in a small alcove on the birthing floor?).  He is beautiful.  I mean truly beautiful with his big blue eyes and chubby, pink cheeks.  I held him (not even a death grip hold) and it was good.

While at the Rosepepper, we sat out on the patio.  I was eaten up by mosquitoes.  Apparently, pregnant women are delicious as I was the only one swarmed.  My feet and hands are covered in itchy, little bites.  Beyond this, the dinner was excellent.  It was Jay and Steph’s first time.  Jay got the spicy huevos rancheros plate (hot pork with two fried eggs on top-“don’t fear the huevos”).  He left the plate entirely empty so I think it’s safe to say he liked it.  Steph had the grilled fish tacos and enjoyed them as well.  Ian had his tacos cabron with lime.  I tried the chicken, cheese, and mushroom quesedilla.  Yum!

We almost came home with a kitten.  Well, “almost” meaning I wanted to bring a stray kitten to whom I fed what leftovers we had.  She was a little calico that looked eerily like my favorite pet from childhood, Sox.  Same tricolor pattern with gray, peach, and white.  I really wanted that kitten.  I wasn’t the only one as the waitress informed me that multiple people (including the staff there) have attempted to coax/catch the kitten to take it home.  Zee kitteh iz haveeng nun of eet.

I have no idea why I just tried to type in a fake french accent.

After dinner, we headed en masse to our house where Ian and Jay played the Xbox 360 and Steph and I played with Thane.  He demonstrated his mad-roll-over-skills.  He is also quite good at standing as long as he is brought into that postion.  He is wonder baby.

I want Olivia now.


4 responses to “A little review.

  • Sheila Craigge

    Are you sure they are mosquito bites and not fleas? Love

  • Ian

    The timing is such that it is quite obviously mosquito bites. We were sitting on the deck of Rosepepper and Susan commented that the mosquito were biting her.

    Additionally, Thane had bites on his feet as well.

    If you were theorizing that the feral cat had passed fleas over to us, that’d be tough – it never came very close to us… its not as if it were rubbing up against our legs.

  • Sheila Craigge

    Well actually I was joking. Love

  • Ian

    Ohhhh… I really dread getting fleas after what my mom has gone through (the whole YARD was infested, and then, the house!) lately, so I really worry about the implication that we’ve got fleas! 🙂

    However… I do get the joke. She soooo badly wanted the kitten…

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