Awesome search criteria

This data is as of 8a this morning, and its obvious that we serve up a lot of requests for ultrasound photos – this is almost a daily occurrence.

We also end up being a review site for an awesome mouse trap – this is basically at least once a week.

Mr Bento (my lunchbox) tends to show up nearly every other day.

Susan’s trials through morning sickness medicines tends to generate a bit of traffic, especially the Reglen.

However, the special treat for today? “Susan and Ian have 15 children” That’s awesome.

(Edit: When I pasted the search criteria in, something went wrong… as such, I’ve deleted it.)


3 responses to “Awesome search criteria

  • Sheila-Craigge

    How did this happen? But the real question is, “Where are all my grandbabie?s” Love

  • Ed Craigge

    Thank you for all the good pics of WDW! Do you think you could find the other baby shower pics from Kim? Love

  • Susan

    The shower pics that Kim took are available. I’ll try to remember to send you a link via email. If I don’t today, remind me via email and I will. My memory… eh, not so good these days.

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