Cartwheels & friends’ babies

Little miss Olivia did a cartwheel this morning, freaking Susan out at 5a.  She woke me from a chilly sleep with an exclamation of “crap!”  She said the baby had hiccups, but her head was upright!  She is pretty confident, though, that she almost immediately flipped over to return to the head down position.   Susan now knows what this movement feels like, plus the daily hiccup check will let her know the position.

Also – we learned of a few babies arriving:  a former co-worker of mine, Andrew & Laurie had their little boy Gavin on the 9th.  He was a big boy – 8lbs and 20 inches!  We also found out that our friends Cortney and Jeremy have had their little boy Jake!  We haven’t heard directly from them, but all seems well from the photos.  Susan has been mesmerized with looking at photos of little Jake because it is getting her so excited about Olivia coming this December!  On top of wishing for her very own, he is a really cute kid!

Still no ultrasound photos… I’m lazy!


2 responses to “Cartwheels & friends’ babies

  • Susan

    I’m ready for Olivia now. I know she’s not quite ready for us and I have to wait, but I’m getting antsy to hold her. All these cute babies everywhere I look!

  • SheilaCraigge

    Quit washing all those clothes and let me see my little sweet Olivia!!! Love

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