No – no photos yet

We were a little too busy last night to have me dedicate time to scanning the ultrasound photos in.

What was so important, you ask?  We had to go spend a small fortune on baby stuff!

We went out to grab the last few “big” items off our registry that we hadn’t and didn’t expect to receive as gifts.  Things like the pack n’ play, the baby monitor and the extra car seat base.  We also grabbed some size 1 diapers (we have newborn and 2, but not 1!), some more bottles to go with the pump, a couple of covers for the feeding pillow, hangers for Olivia’s massive wardrobe, the changing table pad, and a few more simple onesies.

From there, we headed to Best Buy to grab a new wireless router since our previous one seems to have given up on its job.  That was a bit of a overly complicated trip, due to my purchasing it on the ‘net, but choosing store pick up.  Apparently their warehouse staff leaves very early on Tuesdays.  It got taken care of though.

Then we went to Penny’s so Susie could fortify her wardrobe in anticipation of an expanding waistline and the coming colder weather.  Unfortunately, our nearest Penny’s is under remodel and their selection was a little light.  She got a few long sleeve shirts, but pants are still necessary.  The baby doesn’t like the short belly panel – or maybe she likes it a lot – because she ends up trying to play with the elastic band, driving Susan nutty.  As much as she doesn’t want to, she’s pretty much going to have to get the full panel pants.

When we finally got home around 8:30, we put together the pack n’ play and played with the monitor.  The pack n’ play is much bigger than it looks in the store.  It seemed complicated at first, but after putting up twice (once downstairs, once upstairs), it doesn’t seem quite as bad.  We’ve stuck it next to the bed for now and it seems like it’ll work well once she is here – she’ll be very close to us as we all sleep.

Maybe tonight I’ll have time to scan the photos…

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