Doctor visit

First – we have ultrasound photos… they’ll come later.

Next – vitals:

  • Heartrate 136 bpm
  • Head circumference 28.5cm
  • Humerus length 5.45cm
  • Femur length 6.18cm
  • Abdominal circumference 27cm

Based on these measurements, they gave her estimated weight as 3lb 12oz.  That makes Ed (I think he posted as Sheila by accident) the winner of the poll with a guess of 3.5lbs.  What we didn’t take into consideration is that what with the lack of space, they can’t take an accurate overall length measurement…

The ultrasound photos are all pictures of her face, either straight on or profile.  The straight on face shots are still disconcerting.  This time the lens of the eye shows a bit of a reflection, making it seem that she is giving us the evil eye.  The profile shots, though, are pleasant.  They all show that she is gaining plenty of baby fat, what with her chubby cheeks.

We saw a lot of her organs – stomach, kidneys, and best of all, her heart.  The four chambered heart, pumping away, is always an amazing sight in these ultrasounds.  We could quite clearly see all four chambers working in perfect concert.

They did a check of Susan’s cervix, and that was perfect.  No evidence of pre-term labor at this point.

We saw the doctor very briefly – she told us everything from the ultrasound was right on target.  Olivia’s size is in the 48th percentile, meaning she is just below the average size, hopefully making the birthing process pretty straightforward. 🙂  She is also measuring at just 2 days ahead of her projected growth.

We asked about passing the due date – she’ll let her hang out for one week before inducing.  Susan asked about her swelling, and she got the advice she expected: avoid salty foods, drink water, and keep her legs up.  Nothing amazing there.

We’ll go back next week for the 32 week appointment.  From there we’ll do a 34 and a 36, then switch to 1 week visits.

Like I said… ultrasound photos later.


3 responses to “Doctor visit

  • aliasmother

    Okay, want to be a total geek like me? You can estimate the overall length from the femur length using an algorithm. Go to this site: and register (it’s free). Then go to the “Chapters” section and go to Chapter 15. Scroll down until you see “Measures of Fetal Growth Used for Estimating Gestational Age” and click on “Fetal Length Predicted from Femur Length.” You’ll see a link to an excel sheet that will let you enter your femur length (FL)–and head circumferance and any other measurements you have–and it will then estimate fetal length and weight from that using three different systems.

    It’s pathetic that I found this, isn’t it?

  • Susan

    I think that is the single most awesome tidbit I’ve heard all day. Geeks of the world, unite. And then give birth.

  • Ian

    Alias – that’s awesome!

    She’s between 43 and 44cm, which converts to 16.9 – 17.3 inches.

    Weee! This means Susan guessed dead on the number with a guess of 17 inches.

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