No more roadtrips.

This past weekend was it.  Unless it is something that cannot be avoided, we’ll be sticking to Nashville from here on out.  I find I’m fine with that.  I love running to Chatty and seeing everybody, but as it gets closer and closer to go time I get more and more nervous being on the road and away from my doc.  They have great hospitals in Chattanooga and if I were to go into early labor, I know I would be fine.  But why take the chance?

Eh.  Anyhow, I had my second shower on Sunday with all my old teaching and church friends.  There were ladies there I hadn’t seen in years.  A few brought their daughters that I had taught or otherwise known since they were knee-high.  One in particular is now heading into college.  That was a sobering realization.  She views me as an adult (HA!  Little does she suspect.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha!).

It was a lovely little shindig and Olivia is taken care of in the clothing department well into her second year of life.  The food was just yummy and the women were gracious with their advice and anecdotes.  It was, in short, very good.

On an unrelated and extremely happy note, I went bridal gown shopping with my sister-in-law, Amy.  She looked absolutely astonishing in the gown she chose (I mean Grace Kelly marrying her prince breathtaking).  Of course, she also looked pretty darn nice in all the runner up gowns, too.  I can’t wait to see her at the Hollow on the big day.  I also can’t wait to see Garrett pass out over how incredible she looks.


3 responses to “No more roadtrips.

  • SheilaCraigge

    It was a really nice shower with all your friends. They are all so happy for you and Ian. I’m glad they did this for you. Did you know that Tara, Brenda’s daughter, was in one of you classes. Do you remember the triples? Well Brenda is their aunt and Tara their first cousin and they are all the same age. I remember that they gave you a really nice nativity pin for Christmas one year. Well everyone is getting older! Candy Hicks called tonight to check on you. I will call her tomorrow. She will be in Nashville tomorrow taking her mom to chemo doc. She has lung cancer. Take care and call me tomorrow. Love

  • Uncle Munkee

    Well, between now and the birthing, three of us have 6 hockey games. You’ll see plenty of us. : )

    I apologize in advance. Consider this a warning.

  • Susan

    Don’t apologize. The one bad thing about staying in or near Nashville is not seeing our family and friends. It will be good to still get to see some of you on a regular basis.

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