One shower done

Saturday afternoon we had our first baby shower.  This one was our family-hosted one, at Susan’s brother’s house.  It was a nice, simple set up – close friends and family were invited, make the environment very relaxed and fun.  At least, for us it was relaxed and fun… I suppose it was a little busier for those doing the work around the decoration and food. 🙂  Whether it was relaxing for all or not, we are very thankful for the work everyone did and for all those that could make it out.

The food choices were perfect – chicken nuggets, pizza, grapes, veggies, cheese, pigs-in-blankets, and a lovely cake.  The cake actually has a pretty amusing story!  Richell’s mom had made a cake by hand, as she does quite often these days I hear, and she had gotten it half-way iced when she noticed an unusual smell: the icing had gone very, very bad.  She collected up her cake and the icing cans, and took a trip to the grocery store from which the icing had come.  She presented them to the manager, pointing out the hard work and horrible smell.  She was then refunded her money and given a cake from the bakery!  She took that cake and customized it for the party, making it look quite nice.

As far as gifting, we were quite blessed, with the biggest piece being our stroller travel set.  After getting a good look at Elynka’s stroller (and, technically, putting it together), we decided that would be the one we’d get.  This stroller / carseat combo is very easy to use, as we quickly discovered.  I had it put together with a bit of help from our friend Chris within 15 minutes – and all right in the middle of the party!  Its operation and weight was extremely impressive to the older moms… they all recalled the wimpy umbrella strollers or half-ton steel strollers they had to deal with.

Outside of the travel set, we got a few diaper bags: a plain black one, a pink Snoopy and a blue Snoopy.  We got a pair of baby carriers – a Pooh decorate front carrier that looks a little easier to use than the Baby Bjorn, and the sling we had registered for.  Now we’ve got three options for carrying little Olive around – and having the two Bjorn style carriers, one can be customized for each of our comfort levels.

We got some beautiful outfits – things that will make fantastic photos around holidays – in addition to a couple of very amusing bits.  My family had a pair of tee-shirts made so Olivia can stand out in the crowd of my hockey games: “Beginner’s Luck’s newest fan” and “Captain Kirk is my daddy.”  I suppose, though, that the Captain shirt could be worn most anywhere.

We got a lot of our Pooh nursery items – the hand/foot print kit, the nesting baskets, and a couple more crib sheets.  We found out that Chris and Shannon had registered for the same stuff, but their choice was “new” Pooh whereas we’ve gone for “classic” Pooh.

There is plenty of stuff I’ve not covered, but I don’t want to bore/brag.  I’ll post photos a little later today – there aren’t a ton on my camera, but there were about 4 more cameras around the party, so maybe I can collect some of those as well.

Susan is headed out to another shower today, hosted by some of her mother’s friends.  While she’s busy with that, I’ll be meeting with the insurance agent to sign some paperwork for life insurance.  (Don’t discuss it with my wife – she doesn’t want to think about it.)  After the shower, we’ll load up and head back to Nashville – I’ve got a game at 7:20 tonight – an early one! 😀


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