Camera shy

I’ve been trying hard to get some more video of Olive doing her little dances in Susan’s belly, but every time I go to grab the video camera, she halts her movement.  I think that I might have gotten a few major movements last night, but I haven’t had time to transfer it to the web.  Maybe sometime early next week I’ll have it up.

Speaking of “cameras,” we’ll be going for an ultrasound on Tuesday, our next doctor’s appointment.  The doctor wanted to double check that the drop hasn’t cramped Olivia’s growing space – they don’t expect to find anything, but it doesn’t hurt to at least look.

I know this will excite the grandmothers – they were both begging for photos a month or so ago when we broke the news that there were no ultrasounds planned.  So along with the video, we’ll likely have a few still photos up early next week.

To celebrate our view into the womb, I think we should take guesses (a la Alias Mother) on just how big our Olive has gotten.  Everyone post your conjectures on weight and height as a comment.  I’d say we’ll award a prize, but… uh… we won’t.


7 responses to “Camera shy

  • Uncle Munkee

    Uhh.. 16 inches. 3.1 pounds?

  • SheilaCraigge

    3.5 pounds and 16.7 inches

  • Susan

    4 lbs and 17 inches is my guess. She just feels bigger than what the growth charts say. But I probably think that just because she can touch all my major internal organs at the same time.

  • Elynka

    I would like to guess 2 pounds 12 ounces, but I think that I need more info on the size of children in your family. I am actually cheating because 2 pounds 12 ounces was what they guessed about Mackenzie at this time. My guess for the length is 11 inches.

  • SheilaCraigge

    Susan, I’m with you. That’s the ticker for 32 weeks which I believe you are. You felt Olivia at 18 weeks according to their time line. Most women feel movement at 20 weeks. That’s also the time line when you first thought you might be pregnant. I could be wrong(surprise). But that makes sense, because Olivia dropping would be right on target. A lot of women carry a baby for 6 weeks after they drop. Some can even be dilated for that long. You could also be 2 weeks late(BOO). Only God knows. But its fun to guess! Love

  • Amy

    “…she can touch all my major internal organs at the same time.”

    Because your brain is no longer considered a “major” internal organ : )

  • Susan

    My brain was demoted from major internal organ about the same time the positive sign came back on the pregnancy test.

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