Doctor’s appointment, etc

Well I certainly can’t say its been quiet around here – we’ve just been lazy about posting anything.

Last week had me sick with a cold for several days, taking me out of the posting game.  On top of that, we had our pre-term labor scare, what with the baby dropping.  I had a long day at work one of those days, and then we had family around for the weekend.

Since the weekend is the new and exciting part, I’ll cover that.  Susan’s parents arrived late-ish Thursday night to help us get the house ready for her proxy grandfather’s
90th birthday celebration on Saturday.

They spent all day Friday taking care of the odds and ends I haven’t been able to keep up with, plus a few I might not have remembered in ages.  When I got home after work, the house looked fantastic.

To celebrate the hard work of the day and to help us enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been experiencing, we ate our dinner out on the deck!  Susan picked up some fried chicken at the store, while I warmed up mashed potatoes and black eyed peas.   It was a quick and simple meal with little left to clean up.

Saturday morning brought Susan’s brother Matt and his wife Richell.  It wasn’t long until we were in full swing for the birthday celebration.  We had an amazing meal prepared right here in our home: salad, baked potatoes, cucumber/onion/tomato salad, and fillet mignon.  Matt handled the steaks, while Sheila and I wrangled the majority of the other bits.

We stuffed ourselves on the meal, (using my grandmother’s silver!) then turned to the chocolate truffle cake.  Harvey blew out his candles and made his way through the gifts.  After the ruckus calmed itself down, everyone spread out across the house.  Matt and I cleaned the kitchen, Sheila and Harvey sat on the deck to talk, Ed took a nap on the couch, and I can only imagine Susan and Richell had a similar motive.

Once the sun started to set, Harvey headed home, leaving us to consider our dinner options.  Just after dusk it was decided – hot dogs!  Richell and I headed to the grocery store, grabbed the essentials, and returned to a hot charcoal grill.  15 or so minutes later, we had dinner.  Shortly after that, her parents were on the road home.

For Sunday, things were pretty lazy.  We woke around mid-morning, discussed lunch plans, and, with no plans decided, jumped in the car.  We took the long way to nowhere – driving through the neighborhoods, weaving our way downtown, where our lunch plans appeared: Demo’s.

After a nice lunch, we began wandering again, finally ending up at Border’s.  We picked up Matt’s birthday gift (a week early) and headed back to the house… for naps.  Hey… it was a rough time, all that aimless driving.

They headed home in the early evening, I developed a migraine headache, we ate dinner (hot dogs – split fried this time), then I headed to the rink for some hockey.  I wasn’t sure that I would be playing, what with the migraine effects still lingering, but I had to at least drop off the sub jerseys.  I was reassured by a couple of teammates that I’d be better by the end of the game, and I decided dress out.

The game was pretty good – we ended up losing  5 – 6, but we scored those last two goals in the final 3 minutes playing a man short.  (One of our guys had gotten a major penalty – 5 minutes!)  We came really, really close to tying the game in the final (no lie) 7 seconds of the game.  And I did feel better by the end of the game.

I am, however, nursing an odd injury from the game.  One of my teammates fell immediately in front of me as I was skating out of the zone, so in order to avoid him, I jumped over him, amazing most everyone that saw it, especially me.  This jump?  Both feet, bunny-hop style, over him.  Plus, I landed and skated off.  The odd injury?  My left toe kicked the back of my right calf muscle.  The bruise makes it feel like a permanent leg cramp. 😦

Oh yeah – and I was “interviewed” by the Tennessean today regarding playing in the adult league.  Jay and Steph were also asked to participate, and I imagine the majority of the captains (or hockey moms!) in the league were solicited.  By the number and depth of the questions, it sounds like it’ll be a pretty interesting piece.  I’ll keep you informed…

Susan had a doctor’s appointment today – hence the title of the post – and it was pretty basic.  They checked the heartbeat (fine) and they checked her cervix (fine).  That was basically the whole appointment.  We met one of the other doctor’s in the practice – she’s 5 weeks less pregnant than Susan!

We go back next week (instead of 2 weeks…) and this time we’ll have an ultrasound.  They just want to check on Olivia’s growth, not that they suspect anything… just checking.

We’re hoping this week will be somewhat calm… the only thing on the schedule is the season opener for the Preds on Thursday night, and that’s just me.  Otherwise, the excitement will come when we’re in Chattanooga for our baby showers on Saturday and Sunday, plus celebrating Matt’s birthday!

Maybe we can post more often, too… this took almost 1000 words to complete, and I didn’t even tell you about Garrett’s (not actually) stolen car story!


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