The baby dropped yesterday.  I’m having 2 Braxton’s an hour.  That’s a bit too early for comfort so one of the Docs checked me out today.  My cervix has lowered and softened (technical term – effaced) BUT I’m not dilated.  Now this may be a bit too much info for some, but I had my yearly this Monday and said cervix was high and hard.  That was also too much of a change (paired with the contractions) for the Doc to be comfortable with , so she did a test for preterm labor.  It’s running stat in the lab and we should have the results by tonight.

Right now, I’m at work (the doc cleared me unless the test says otherwise).  Ian’s at his work.  We’re playing the waiting game.  I am only somewhat freaked out.  Even if we get the news we don’t want, they have lovely meds that can put it on hold.

Nope.  Not freaked out at all.


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