Halfway through the weekend

Its been a fun and productive weekend so far.

Again, Susan’s family brought us the baby’s furniture, so that was a big change.  Next, on Friday, they hung the window shades in the nursery that I was having trouble with.

On top of the furniture, we were the recipient of a great deal of clothing for little Olivia.  That meant I got to do a ton of little laundry.  Despite their tiny size, they took up several loads in the washer.  It also took us a tremendous amount of time to fold them/hang them.

Before her parents left us on Friday evening, we loaded up the cut up tree from the front yard.  The big pieces went home with them, but the smaller, more reasonable pieces were moved to the back yard for our us in the fire pit.  Now we’ll just need to have a fall party to use some of it!

Susan’s brother Matt stayed behind and we stayed home, eating burgers cooked on the grill, enjoying the warm sort-of fall evening.

This morning I made some bacon and eggs for our breakfast.  We killed some time, then went out for lunch and some shopping at Target.  Upon returning home, we continued doing basically nothing until my family showed up ahead of the Preds game.  They got to see all of Olivia’s new stuff, before moving on to the game.

When Matt took off around 7 to pick up his wife at the airport, Susan and I headed out to eat our anniversary dinner.  Believe it or not, we didn’t eat at Rosepepper! 🙂  We satisfied  Susan’s sushi craving by going to Samurai on Elliston.   Its a tiny place near Vandy (and near the hospital where we’re delivering!) with all of 5 tables and a 7 seat bar.  They have basically no kitchen, serving only sushi – no steak or chicken, etc.

Tomorrow we’ll do very little, most likely, but we’ll trade our cards and kisses to celebrate our first anniversary.  Pretty amazing to think its only been a year!

Oh – and about our Olive – Susan is pretty confident that she is firmly settled into a head-down position.  Ollie has been getting the hiccups pretty often and she can feel her pretty well at that point.  The new position has made the “normal” movements in one way, more subdued, but in another, more aggravating.  Since her arms are a little more bound, she can’t swing her fists as well.  However, with her legs pointed up, Susan’s lungs are prime target.


4 responses to “Halfway through the weekend

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Happy Anniversary to you! May God bless you with many, many more!

  • Elynka

    Happy anniversary! What a fantastic gift you will be receiving very soon. Hopefully Olivia won’t move out of the head down position now that you are getting so close! Mackenzie did that once, and it was probably the weirdest feeling ever. Then in a few weeks I got to feel it again as she turned back head down.

  • Ed_Craigge

    It was a good visit and we enjoyed it. We got back to Chattanooga at about 11:00 pm EDT, unwound a little, and then sacked-out. Got up Saturday morning and unloaded the wood onto the side lot, showered, and went to work. Sheila went shoe shopping Saturday evening and I came home, ate a bunch of roast beef, and watched the Georgia/Alabama football game(well, most of it, when I wasn’t catnapping). Back to Nashville this coming weekend to visit and celebrate (proxy grandfather) Harvey’s 90th birthday. I think I forgot to tell you both “Happy Anniversary,” so I’m doing it now.

  • Sandy

    It’s been an incredible (and busy) year…….Happy Anniversary!!

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