Olivia has a proper nursery

Thanks to Susan’s family driving up today, we’ve given Olivia a proper nursery, now that it is has furniture!

You can see the photos in our nursery set – we’ve got a crib, a changing table and a dresser of sorts. Since the photos were taken (15 minutes ago), we’ve already done little rearranging. On top of shifting furniture, there will still have to be a good bit of cleaning Ollie’s daddy’s junk out of there…

Oh – and before anyone is tempted to tell us: we know the stuffed animals have to come out of the crib when she goes in.  But for right now?  Its a great place for them to live.

4 responses to “Olivia has a proper nursery

  • Elynka

    Mackenzie is almost 5 months old, and she still has her stuffed animals in her crib! Unfortunately, (for me mostly) she will be moving to her crib very soon since she is nearing the weight limit on her bassinet. This means I will have to actually get up and get her for her feedings during the night. Thank goodness she has started her rice cereal already, and I’ll have her on veggies and fruits very soon. I can’t wait to get a full night of sleep!

  • Ian

    5 months! I can’t believe it’s been nearly that long…

  • Sandy

    Your old Pooh looks happy to be there with his new friends waiting for Olivia to arrive. He’s back in business!!
    (he looks pretty good for an ‘almost 30’ year old bear)

  • Susan

    I think Ian’s stuffed Pooh looks quite wonderful there. He even seems to have a satisfied grin on his face!

    Elynka, those 5 months have flown by. It’s shocking to think about how much has changed since then.

    I love our nursery!!!

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