Finally – 28 week belly

As someone (or several someones?) pointed out recently, we’ve not shown Susan’s progression in belly growth. That’s mostly because we’ve not actually taken any photos of her progression.  We thought we’d be decent, not perfect, but we’ve got next to nothing.  I think for the next one we just have to do it daily so we never have a chance to slack off.

Nonetheless, here we are at 28 weeks and 1 day.  Olivia seems to be sitting right out on the edge of her belly at the particular moment of the photo.  Additionally, Susan could identify, during an Olivia hiccup fest, that she was head down this afternoon.

Susie is somewhat upset over the growth of her abdomen and backside, but is, of course, overjoyed with the product of these growths.

Maybe we’ll have a few more to share before too long, what with Lesha likely coming for a photographic visit. 🙂


7 responses to “Finally – 28 week belly

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Not bad!!! You really are doing good!!! I don’t see any stretch marks!!! Love

  • Susan

    No stretchmarks yet from my little Olivia. Now if it will just stay that way for about 3 more months…

  • Amy

    Sorry – I don’t think my sympathy belly can keep up with you…

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Are you going to decorate your belly for Halloween? You won’t have to buy a pumpkin, just orange paint! Then it can become a big turkey for Thanksgiving! And at Christmas we can decorate Olivia. That will be so much fun! Love

  • Susan

    Amy, my baby belly laughs in the general direction of your sympathy belly (think of Jaba the Hutt).

    I am not likely to decorate my belly for Halloween. I was a little uncomfortable just baring it for the pic. 😦

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Well that makes me feel a lot better! I still remember that you had a hard time baring your arms to sleeveless tops and your legs to shorts during your high school years. I did go online and look at other Moms in their third trimesters and you look best of all! Love Mom

  • Elynka

    Belly looks great! It’s about time you all shared. In about 6 weeks take another picture. You will be amazed! When I look at my pics I am just wowed by the fact that my body could even stretch that far…even if I did get left with a few marks to remind me. If you do end up getting stretch marks (I got some after I gave birth) then just try think of them as badges of honor.

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