Mr Bento returns!

Realizing that I really, really need to begin taking my lunch to work again, I broke out the Mr Bento that I had purchased a few months back. I got it, hoping that the variety of foods that it could carry in addition to the novelty of the item would keep me interested in taking my lunch to work. Yeah… well… that didn’t quite work out.

These two meals were supplemented by a PB&J sandwich, just in case they didn’t fill me up, which I didn’t expect them to do. I enjoyed the meals, though, so its a positive step in the right direction.

Now can I keep it up? I’m batting .500 right now – one day on, one day off over the past 4 work days.

5 responses to “Mr Bento returns!

  • Sheila_Craigge

    With the cost of fruit and nuts being pricey, you could have a really good cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake for around $3.50. Plus you wouldn’t have to wash all of that!!! Just kidding. Mcdonald’s raised their prices a while back I think. Maybe for $5.50?!? Love

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Oh, wait. I looked at the pictures again. That’s two pictures of the same lunch. You must eat a baloney sandwich, chips, and a cream soda at the grocery/deli for the $5.50 savings. Love

  • Uncle Munkee

    I have a few options for my lunches at work (which I do 3-4 times a week). Get a loaf of bread. I get the Sara Lee honey wheat stuff. It keeps for about a month, honestly. Just make sure you twist it up really good and keep it in a cabinet or something. I also buy a deli pack of meat (usually the ones with 3 different meats) and some off-brand (not Kraft) cheese slices. Then get some spicy mustard and mayo and you’re set. I use one slice of each meat and two slices of cheese. Oh, and pick up a family variety pack of chips. And some jello or yogurt. For yogurt, I’d recommend the fruit-on-the-bottom cups. There’s more yogurt and they cost about the same. Bi-Lo’s around here always have some sort of discount if you get 5 or 6 at a time. And some Little Debbie snack cakes. They’re pretty cheap around these parts and there’s usually some sort of discount if you get 2 or 4 boxes (48 snacks for $4!!!). Oh, and drink water or buy 12-packs of your favorite beverage (and get 2 12-packs for $5.50 or something like that).

    In total, each meal costs about $3-4. I also have oatmeal on standby for the days that I’m really hungry. I know you do the hockey thing that burns a lot more calories and may make you hungrier, but wait about 15 minutes after having your first meal to see if you really are hungry.

    I also drink lots of ice water throughout the day. That seems to curb my appetite a little bit.

  • Amy

    You know – the more I think about it – I think you have too much variety in your lunches. You want fruit – pick one fruit, one container and have it for breakfast. Have your main dish, pick 1 maybe 2 sides. Then have a snacky food / dessert. You have like 6 types of fruit in your lunches. So this way, you don’t have to buy as much at once, you’ll have better luck eating it all before it goes bad, it won’t take as long to pack and you will probably be able to hold more food overall. It took me about a week to eat a bag of grapes by myself everyday for breakfast – it was great. If I get bored of grapes – then I’ll change it after I run out. But I don’t take grapes, apples and strawberries for variety.
    I don’t know – I just think you might be more satisfied if you kept it simple.

  • Sheila_Craigge

    Ian, I think it’s very sweet and wise of you to try to save money. I just wanted you to know that I was kidding. I know you can’t have a lot of meat and milk products. Being diabetic, I know how hard it is to look for certain foods and to find saving at dine-ins. Have a good day. Love

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